What are Twilight Photographs?

I am a Blackpool Wedding Photographer and cover weddings in the Lancashire area and beyond. One question I am always asked is ‘what are your twilight photographs’. This is definitely one of my favourite questions as I am so passionate about creating them for you. The answer is any photographs taken after the sun sets and into the evening.

You have booked your perfect wedding venue and now you are looking for your dream wedding photographer to capture your big day. There is so much planning and excitement that goes into your wedding plans that you need a photographer to not only capture your special moments but that can also add that extra sparkle.


Why choose a photographer who captures Twilight Photographs?

Over the years I have developed skills with the creative use of flash and taking these during the early hours of the evening to produce stunning twilight photographs. I love to use props like the white umbrella, real life sparklers and when there is not a breath of wind, a little smoke. These combined with the natural beauty of your amazing wedding venue give you wonderful memories to look back on and give you those extra special photographs for your wedding album.

How much does creative Wedding Photography cost?

I include these photographs as an optional extra for only £99, yes just £99 and I often have an offer on this price. The images are an optional extra to my digital full day wedding photography package and currently included in all album packages. I would say about 95% of couples book my twilight add on and I keep them as an addition just in case you would like to keep partying on the dance floor. I often stay long into the evening to capture these and I think my record for leaving a wedding is just after 11pm, not only giving you these stunning memories but also plenty more photographs of your evening celebrations.


Creative Wedding Photography

One of the things I will always remember whilst creating these creative wedding photographs is one couple said to me ‘this is art’. I would whole heartily recommend this addition to your wedding photography packages. When the sun goes down, this is the time to create something special. The use of camera flash units precisely positioned off camera can create these magical timeless photographs. Combine this with you both looking amazing in wedding attire and you have a magical wedding photograph recipe.

How many Wedding Photographers can take Twilight photographs?

With years of training and perfecting the art of Wedding Twilight Photographs I am delighted to be able to offer these as part of my wedding photography packages. The reality is there are very few local photographers who are trained with flash and how to use flash creatively. It is a skill that takes time to learn and with practice, over a period of time you can develop to use during a fast paced wedding scenario. I’m sure you will agree they are definitely a worthwhile addition to any wedding photography package.


Where will the Twilight photographs be taken at my wedding venue?

This is a crucial part of the planning process and is key to assisting the flash light with the available ambient light. A lot of wedding venues have amazing lighting that brings the most out of the venue and the flash lights I bring. As soon as the sun goes down I will start the planning process for the amazing locations around your wedding venue. We will explore each location usually close by until we have the twilight photographs of your dreams.

How long will I be away from my wedding evening party?

A lot of couples mention how lovely it is to get away for some quiet time during the wedding evening party. I will get the flash units set and ready before bringing you to the first location to begin the twilight photograph magic. Depending how many you would like, in general these wedding photographs take around 15-20 minutes and then it’s back to the party dancing. They are also great fun and if the sparkler lights first time it will round off the fun nicely.


Wedding Photography reviews

‘Our twilight wedding photographs are absolutely stunning’ are what a lot of couples tell me when they receive their wedding photographs. They are the perfect way to round off your wedding day and celebrate looking glamorous, not only during the day but also into the evening. Whether the white umbrella is your thing or perhaps you love sparklers but hang on, you would like the full set, the choice is completely yours. I love receiving the incredible feedback for these creative wedding photographs and it’s not only from couples but their family and friends as well, making this addition that extra special.

Twilight photographs conclusion

These photographs are not only an incredible memory to treasure forever, they are fun, something different and will have everyone talking about them. They look amazing in print and whether they are a feature in your wedding album or above your mantle piece they will something to look back on and say wow that’s us.